Analyzing Tim Stutzle’s Superstar Breakout Season.

Season Stats Recap

Tim Stutzle took his game to another level this season for the Ottawa Senators. Stutzle tallied a remarkable 90 points with 39 goals and 51 assists, a significant increase from his sophomore season where he scored 58 points with 22 goals and 36 assists. Stutzle’s point-per-game (PPG) average also skyrocketed from 0.73 to 1.15, showing his tremendous growth as a player. Stutzle also owned an impressive Corsi rating of 55.7% which indicates that he was frequently driving play and generating shot attempts for the team. His strong play did not go unnoticed by DJ Smith and the rest of the coaching staff as Tim averaged over 21 minutes of ice time per game, first among Senators forwards. He also registered 228 shots on goal, and owned a shooting percentage of 17.1%. Stutzle also owned an on-ice expected goals percentage (xG%) of 59.1% which is yet another career high, while his off-ice xG% of 45.6% shows that the team struggled to generate the same level of chances without him on the ice.

Improved 2-Way Game

Tim Stutzle has shown significant defensive improvements in the 2022-2023 season. He has demonstrated a greater defensive responsibility by starting to kill penalties, logging 92 shorthanded minutes compared to just 9 the year before. Stutzle has capitalized on this opportunity by scoring three shorthanded goals and being one of the most dangerous players on the ice while shorthanded. Additionally, his takeaway numbers have improved significantly, with 61 takeaways this season compared to 38 the year prior. These stats indicate that Stutzle has become a more complete player, not just an offensive threat but also a valuable defensive asset to his team.

Tim Stutzle showed significant defensive improvements this past season. He has demonstrated a greater defensive responsibility to the point where he is now trusted to kill penalties. Stutzle logged 92 shorthanded minutes this season, compared to just 9 the year before. Stutzle has also shown an ability to capitalize on this opportunity by scoring three shorthanded goals and being one of the most dangerous players on the ice while shorthanded. Additionally, his takeaway numbers have improved significantly, with 61 takeaways this season compared to 38 the year prior. Stutzle’s improvements to his defensive play has helped him become a more well-rounded player with an improved two-way game. Accepting a much greater defensive responsibility has allowed Stutzle to become a valuable asset on both ends of the ice.

Elite Play Driving Ability

Tim Stutzle’s elite play-driving ability took another step this season through his exceptional puck-handling skills, edgework, and playmaking vision. He has always been a creative player with the puck, always looking to make something happen, but this year he improved his efficiency at making the pretty plays and became a far more dangerous threat. His tight handles allow him to maneuver through defenders with ease, while his elite edgework allows him to change directions quickly and effectively to shake defenders. In addition to his impressive stickhandling skills, Stutzle is a gifted playmaker. He has the vision and hockey IQ to anticipate where his teammates will be on the ice, making it second nature for him to set them up for scoring opportunities. Stutzle is also a threat to score himself, with a lethal shot that he really utilized this year, and the ability to find open space on the ice. His abilities allow him to control the pace of the game and make plays at both ends of the ice.

Improved Goal Scoring Ability

In the 2022-2023 season, Tim Stutzle made some significant improvements to his goal-scoring ability. He scored an impressive 39 goals, which was 17 more than he scored in the previous season. He accomplished this by shooting the puck more often and improving his shot selection. Stutzle also showed that he has a variety of ways to score, whether it be through a quick wrist shot, undressing goaltenders, or scoring a Josh Norris esque one-timer from the circle. His increased confidence in his shooting ability was evident throughout the season, and it translated into an explosion of goals for the superstar. I am looking for Timmy to take another step next season and hopefully reach the 40 goal plateau he was so close to meeting this year.

My Hopes and Expectations For Next Season

Based on Tim Stutzle’s impressive 2022-2023 season, it is reasonable to have high expectations for him heading into next season. As a dominant offensive force, I expect him to continue his scoring prowess and reach the 40-goal mark while achieving between 95-105 points. Additionally, I expect him to further improve his two-way game, taking another step defensively. One area where he could improve is his faceoffs, and I anticipate him working to develop this aspect of his game in the offseason hopefully with the help of Claude Giroux. This season was just the tip of the iceberg for Timmy and I could not be more excited to see him reach his full potential.

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