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Why Shane Pinto Is About To Have A Big Breakout Season

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Shane Pinto Season Review

In his first 82-game season with the Ottawa Senators, Shane Pinto displayed promising potential as a young center. Despite being thrust into a second-line center role earlier than anticipated, Pinto contributed 20 goals and 15 assists for 35 points in 82 games. These numbers are respectable but Pinto was particularly impressive during October. In October, Pinto excelled as the team’s third-line center, recording 6 goals and an assist in just 8 games.

Shane Pinto Rookie Of The Month For October
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As Shane Pinto was promoted to the second line, he encountered some difficulties adjusting to the increased responsibilities and higher level of competition. The transition to a more prominent role proved challenging for the rookie, impacting his offensive production and overall impact on the ice.


Pinto showed flashes of an elite, disciplined 2-way forward. Pinto’s commitment to maintaining possession was clear. He had an impressive 38 takeaways compared to just 32 giveaways. Pinto also excelled with his faceoff skill winning 52.1% of his draws and providing the Senators with important puck possession. Shane Pinto also posted a 55% Corsi, a metric that measures shot attempts and possession, further illustrating his positive impact on the team’s overall play.

One of the most underrated ways he helped this team was how disciplined he was, especially as a rookie. This season, Shane Pinto took just 18 Pim’s while drawing 42 from his opponents.

Has NHL Experience

After two seasons of limited NHL action, Shane Pinto finally had the opportunity to gain a full year of experience in the league. Shane Pinto played only 17 games in his first 2 NHL seasons. Pinto’s journey had been a mixture of anticipation and patience. The 82 game season of NHL play allowed him to truly understand the dynamics of a team throughout the ups and downs of a grueling season. Pinto also experienced firsthand the individual highs and lows a player can have in the NHL. These experiences have undoubtedly provided him with a deeper understanding of how to carry himself in the NHL.

Another key to keep in mind is that Pinto now has increased exposure to NHL players and goaltenders. This has enhanced his ability to read their tendencies and adapt to the speed of the NHL. With more game time and scouting opportunities, he has had the chance to familiarize himself with the unique skills and strategies NHL opponents utilize.

This valuable experience will allow Pinto to use his knowledge of the finer parts of the game to his advantage. As a result, he will be able to navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that come with being a more experienced player in the league.

Back To The Third Line

As Shane Pinto re-settles into his role as the third-line center for the Ottawa Senators, he is poised to have a breakout season. The return of Josh Norris to the lineup will greatly benefit Pinto. It will give him more favourable matchups against the opponent’s bottom-pairing guys.

The improved matchups will allow Pinto to use his offensive skillset to create scoring opportunities for himself and his linemates. With Norris and Stützle anchoring the top lines, Pinto will have the chance to face off against the opponent’s depth lines giving him an advantage on the ice.

One advantage of having Shane Pinto play a third-line role on the Senators is that he may fly under the radar due to the team’s top-heavy forward core. With the core players receiving significant attention and defensive focus from opponents, Pinto will have the opportunity to exploit less scrutiny and surprise opposing teams. Pinto will also benefit from the powerplay as the second unit’s bumper, especially with a healthier roster of players feeding him pucks.

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