Travis Konecny with Claude Giroux

Why Travis Konecny Still Makes Sense For The Sens

After losing DeBrincat this offseason, the Sens brought in Kubalik to help supplement the offence. However, given the talent gap between the two players, it may be in the best interest to add a player of DeBrincat’s caliber. Travis Konecny can play at a high level in the top 6. If the Sens could grab him from the Flyers, he could fit exactly what they need.

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High-Level Production

Travis Konecny stats

Travis Konecny has put up some outstanding point totals over the last couple of seasons. This year, he finished with 61 points in 60 games on a very weak Philadelphia Flyers team. Only two Senators this season finished above a point per game (Tkachuk/Stützle). His 61 points would have ranked him 6th on the Sens just behind Batherson (62) and DeBrincat (66) who both played in all 82 games.

Travis Konecny’s Age And Contract

Konecny is a player who fits within the Ottawa Senators’ competitive window and salary cap allocation. Konecny is 26 years old and is signed at $5.5 million for the next two seasons. This contract is very fair for the production he provides and would be manageable under the cap for Ottawa. To make a trade work, the Sens would have to ship some money out to bring him which puts Mathieu Joseph’s name on the table.

Of course, Konecny will need a raise at the end of this contract. The timing will be great for the Senators however because Claude Giroux’s $6.5 million contract will be coming off the books. This mixed with the dead money from buyouts will allow the Senators to offer an extension to Konecny.

Play Style Matches The Sens Identity

The Ottawa Senators and Philadelphia Flyers share many similarities in how they play the game. Both teams have an identity to play a physical game that wears down their opponents. This bodes well for Konecny’s transitional period with the Sens. One of the flaws with the DeBrincat trade was that he struggled to fit the Sens system in his first year. I do not foresee this being a similar problem for Konecny.

Konecny’s Fit In The Lineup

If the Senators were to bring in Konecny, he would likely play on the second line with Norris and Batherson. This line would instantly become one of the very best in the NHL. The Sens would have 3 players capable of scoring at a point per game all of whom play different games. On paper, Konecny’s hard-nosed skillful play style would mesh well with Norris’s goal-scoring and Batherson’s playmaking.

Mock Trades

Travis Konecny trade to the Senators

When trading for a player of Konecny’s caliber, some serious assets will have to go the other way. For Philadelphia to consider a trade package, I would expect the price to be the following criteria.

  • 2 mid-late First Round Picks Or First Round Talent Prospects, B Level Prospect

The Senators have a number of pieces that could be used in a trade to acquire Konecny. Given the history of Pierre Dorion, I would expect any sort of trade for Konecny to be built around picks over high-end prospects. With that, I will list one potential Konecny tradee.

  • Ottawa Receives: Travis Konecny
  • Detroit Receives: 2024 First (DET), Conditional 2024 Second (OTT), 2024 Fourth (DET), Roby Järventie, Mathieu Joseph

The condition on the 2024 second is that Philadelphia receives Ottawa’s first if the Senators make the playoffs.

What could be very interesting is if the Senators were able to bring in both Konecny and his teammate Scott Laughton. To find out my thoughts on a Laughton trade, check out this article!

Scott Laughton Linked To Senators

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